If I delay, you may know how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, a pillar and buttress of the truth. (1 Timothy 3:15)

Paul writes in this section to instruct Timothy in the very serious matter of how people are to act in the church, whose church it is, and what the church is.  Paul follows this instruction with the warning that some will depart from the faith, because they are influenced by false doctrine and led astray by the insincerity of liars. 

Each church member must understand that they must give an account for their actions within their local church.  Those who entertain frivolous conversations about the church will soon speak like those they listen to and the church’s name will be sullied.  However, the reality of whose church it is must be brought before us, in order that we understand that speaking or acting in a negative way toward the church is the same as doing so toward the Lord himself. 

The apostle Paul was persecuting the church and in Acts 9 the Lord ask him: “Why are you persecuting Me?”  The way we treat people in the church, act in the church, talk about the church, or the lack of value we put upon the church is a direct correlation to our relationship with the Lord himself.  The church is the “church of the living God” and we must use great care in how we relate to His precious bride. 

Paul goes on to tell the church that they must be trained in the words of faith, good doctrine, abandon silly myths, train for godliness, and this is to be done because our hope is set upon the living God.  The “church of the living God” is the place where faith, doctrine, and godliness is taught, learned, and applied. 

The church is the greatest institution upon the earth and it is the only thing that the Lord is returning to gather unto himself.  Those who claim to be Christian yet do not serve the Lord’s church are like fish that do not swim, monkey’s who do not climb, or birds that do not fly.  They are dead!

Dearly beloved, I pray that your actions will clearly demonstrate you love for the church.  It will be obvious to others that you value the church above any other thing going on in the world.  I pray that your life will proclaim that you believe that the church belongs to the living God and it is your joy to be tied to the “pillar and buttress of the truth”. 

Thus, your very lives will be a proclamation of your love of God and His church.

J. Randall Easter, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Briar, Azle, TX.
II Timothy 2:19
“He who sells cheapest shall have most customers; the devil knows that it is a cheap and easy doctrine which pleases the flesh, and he doubts not but he shall have customers enough.” (Thomas Watson)