Apprising Ministries has asked Has Muslim Convert Dr. Ergun Caner Been Exposed As A Jihadi Fraud?  Then in Liberty Forms Inquiry Committee About Ergun Caner I said it’s beginning to appear that we may actually find the answer to that question after all. From News & Events on Committee formed to investigate Caner statements at Liberty University itself:

Liberty University’s Provost Dr. Ron Godwin is forming a committee to investigate a series of accusations against Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

The allegations have questioned public statements Caner has made regarding the details of his personal life story.

Godwin is forming a committee to conduct an official inquiry with a goal of issuing its conclusions by the end of June.

Following inquiries from several members of the mainstream media, Liberty decided to initiate its own investigation.

“In light of the fact that several newspapers have raised questions, we felt it necessary to initiate a formal inquiry,” Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. said. (Online source)

Now I draw your attention to An Open Letter to Dr. Falwell and Dr. Godwin by Dr. James White, one of the so-called “bloggers” who were first bringing up those “questions” that “several newspapers” apparently are just now raising.

Dr. White writes:

In February of 2010 I contacted Dr. Ergun Caner to ask him to please explain inconsistencies in his publicly made statements regarding his debates with Islamic leaders, specifically, in reference to his (at least) twice made claim that he had debated Sheikh Shabir Ally. I had been provided with two audio clips of Dr. Ergun Caner making this claim by Mohammad Khan, a Muslim in London. In one of the public speaking situations Caner even said he debated Shabir Ally in Nebraska. As I was at the time traveling to London to debate Abdullah al-Andalusi at Trinity Road Chapel, I had to wait until I arrived to listen to the audio clips. As soon as I verified that indeed Dr. Caner had made these claims, I contacted Shabir Ally personally, as he and I have debated in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

He informed me that he had never debated Ergun Caner, and, in fact, had never, to his recollection, even met him. With this information I wrote directly to Ergun Caner personally. He identified the issue as one of “misspeaking.” So I asked the most logical question I could in light of this claim: if he had just misspoken (twice), then who was it, in fact, that he was debating in Nebraska? Dr. Caner did not give me a response to this request for information: he instead directed me to the “not really an apology” he posted, briefly, on February 25, 2010. This “apology,” which admitted he had never debated a particular un-named Islamic apologist, was removed from his website a matter of days after it was originally posted.

This incident led to further revelations of simple untruths in the public statements of Ergun Caner regarding his past, who he has allegedly debated, his knowledge of Islam, etc… Gentlemen, there are a large number of direct questions Ergun Caner must answer. Nothing but open and clear explanations, not excuses, will do. I strongly suggest that you ask the following questions of Ergun Caner, and then publish, openly, the responses, for all of these questions flow from his public pronouncements… (Online source)

You can find out what those questions would be as well as read Dr. James White’s letter in its entirety right here.