By Chris Rosebrough, Christian Research Network correspondent and host of Fighting for the Faith on Pirate Christian Radio

The Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is an absolutely terrifying pathogen. It’s almost as if this virus studied the human body and its defenses in order to find the achilles heel. And it succeeded. HIV the virus that causes AIDS doesn’t attack the human body like other diseases, it destroys the human immune system so that its victims cannot ward of the most common diseases.  Those who die of AIDS don’t die from the HIV virus.  Instead, the HIV virus destroys the human body’s natural defenses and then lets other diseases like the common cold, or the flu finish off its victims. It’s a manically ingenious pathogen. 

The great adversary of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His church has learned the lessons of HIV and has crafted an almost identical attack against the Body of Christ.  Since, I am one of the early discovers of this pathogen mimicking Satanic attack I have named it the “Ecclesia Immunodeficiency Heresy” (EIH). 

EIH like the HIV virus works by attacking the immune system of the Body of Christ.  Once that immune system is effectively destroyed or rendered powerless then Satan destroys the host congregation by introducing ancient heresies and false doctrines. With  no effective immune system in place to put down these heresies and false gospels, the host congregation comes under the control of the Devil. In the final stages of this disease, the host congregation becomes the breeding ground for Satanic missionaries who are carriers of EIH.  These EIH missionaries are then sent out to other congregations in order to spread this disease around the world and thereby silence sound doctrine and the proclamation of the true good news of salvation by grace alone through faith alone by Christ’s work alone. 

Does your congregation test positive for EIH? Here are some tale-tell symptoms of EIH. 

  1. The pastor has gone from preaching expository Bible sermons to giving relevant self-help informational lectures that meet the felt needs of unbelievers.
  2. You frequently hear the pastor or staff say things like “We do church for the unchurched”
  3. In depth Bible study and preaching are publicly mocked, ridiculed or attacked by the pastor and staff.
  4. Home Group Bible study leaders are unqualified to teach the Bible and end up resorting to asking subjective questions like “what does this passage mean to you”?
  5. Home Group Bible study leaders are instructed to value everyone’s ideas about the Bible and that no ideas are to be condemned or spoken of as if they are false or contrary to scripture.
  6. If you raise doctrinal concerns about what is being taught in the pulpit or in a Home Group Study you are branded a “pharisee” and escorted off the Church’s property by security.
  7. The only people disciplined in the congregation are those who do not give unquestioning allegiance to the pastor’s vision for the church.
  8. When you ask about doctrine the pastor says, “We’re into deeds not creeds.” 

If your church has one or more of these symptoms then it has tested positive for EIH.  

Please, keep in mind that those pastors and teachers who are carriers of EIH may not personally be promoting or believing any heresies.  Instead, they are promoting new ‘innovative’ methodologies and church structures that eliminate and/or effectively neutralize the Body of Christ’s immune system.  The heresies that will kill the congregation will be introduced after the immune system has been neutralized.  EIH’s primary mission is to render the Body of Christ defenseless against the coming heretical attacks.

The above is republished by permission and appears in it’s entirety, complete with a comments sections for further discussion, right here.