In this piece from Baptist Press we find out that the non-Christian cult the Church of Scientology is launching a frontal assault in Nashville, which happens to be home for the Southern Baptist Convention:

The Church of Scientology placed a “free personality test” — Scientology’s “Oxford Capacity Analysis” — as a paid insert into The Tennessean newspaper Jan. 7 asking in a large typeface, “Are you curious about yourself?”

Though named the “Oxford Capacity Analysis,” the 200-question Scientology assessment was not developed by Oxford University nor does it have any tie to the famed university. The Scientology “personality test” is described by various Internet sources as a Scientology recruitment tool used worldwide on Scientology websites, in Scientology churches and in public settings such as fairs and festivals. It also has been criticized by psychologists as not a bonafide personality test.

Scientology is listed among “New Religious and Cults” on the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board’s website… (Online source)

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