Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification. (Romans 4:25, KJV)

The very name of Jesus tells us that he shall save his people from their sins. Let me further say that inasmuch as that salvation of God is a great one, it must have been intended to meet great sins. Would Christ have shed the blood of His heart for some trifling, venial sins that our tears could wash away?

Think you God would have given His dear Son to die as a mere superfluity? If sin had been a small matter, a little sacrifice would have sufficed. Think you that the divine atonement was made only for small offenses? Did Jesus die for little sins and leave the great ones unatoned? No, the Lord God measured the greatness of our sin and found it high as heaven, deep as hell, and broad as the infinite, and therefore He gave so great a Savior.

He gave His only begotten Son, an infinite sacrifice, an immeasurable atonement. With such throes and pains of death as never can be fully described, the Lord Jesus poured out His soul in unknown sufferings, that He might provide a great salvation for the greatest sinners. See Jesus on the cross, and learn that all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men.

Salvation, that is for me, for I am lost. A great salvation, that is for me, for I am the greatest sinners. Oh, hear my word for this day! It is God’s word of love, and it rings out like silver bell. I weep over you, and yet I feel like singing all the time, for I am sent proclaim salvation from the Lord for the very worst of you. (At the Master’s Feet, November 16)