This stunning news just in to the AM newsroom from Christian Newswire:

A five foot apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared last month at the 2009 International Art Expo New York, inside the Javits Center. She appeared on a ten foot high carpeted wall. Mary’s face was very discernible as she stood with her arms in a welcoming fashion. The miraculous vision was witnessed by many visitors including the Staff of Angelnook Publishing.

There was no explanation or light source that could have projected such an image. The image could not be blocked out of view by any cast shadow that onlookers could create. The apparition remained for several hours and the Staff of Angelnook Publishing was able to take many photographs. (Online source)

*placing tongue firmly in cheek*

Ok, that’s it; now I just simply cannot run from a non-certain truth any longer. So in perfect postmodern fashion I must believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the truest of all of the “one true” churches.

Further, I now bear my purpose driven testimony that the Pope is Allah on earth, Muhammad and Joseph Smith were His prophets, that Rick Warren and Rob Bell really are receiving revelations emerging from the spirit world, and that The Book of Mormon and The Message are divinely inspired, albeit contradictory, words of some god who has a man-shaped hole in his heart.

Yep, the Devil’s “Mary” made me do it.