Very different is the use of the word “spiritual” in modern religious parlance. I have come almost to hate that word, so terribly is it being misused. It is constantly being used to designate a religious man, a man who has developed some supposedly peculiar religious faculty of his nature as over against other faculties.

So it is sometimes said of some unbeliever in the pulpit, if objection is made to the opposition between his preaching and the Word of God: “Oh, but he is so spiritual!” The meaning is, I suppose, that he is not interested in dollars and cents or in things to eat, but is interested in the things of the human spirit.

That is certainly very far indeed from the Biblical sense of the word. In the Biblical sense, the spiritual man is the man who has been begotten again, and has had not a part of his nature but all of his nature transformed by the supernatural act of the Spirit of God. (The Christian View Of Man, 142)

J. Gresham Machen