As many of you know a large part of what I do here at the labor in the Lord called Apprising Ministries is to try and show you just how far off-track rapidly apostatizing evangelicalism actually is. I’ve also mentioned that for years I was very involved working with kids in my local community as a Little League umpire, substitute teacher, head Middle School footbal coach and then later following that group of kids to the High School to head the football program there.

The point being is I have always had a heart for young people and, the Lord be praised, I had the unspeakable privilege of leading a number of them to Christ. There was also no doubt in their minds that I was the pastor of a local Christian church who happened to also serve my community as a substitute teacher, coach, etc. My critics, yep…hard to believe, but I do have a couple, are going to be surprised one day because I don’t announce everything I do with trumpets (see—Matthew 6:1-6).

I say all that simply to say this; these young people I speak of were never babied, coddled, enabled, etc. by me or my coaching staff and most of them are now in college or involved other worthwhile endeavors that the history of this community indicates they would likely not have attempted otherwise. And, to God alone be the glory, many of the ones to whom I preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are still in contact with me. In fact, though no man is actually good, one of them recently said to me at Facebook:

i find it more heart-wrenching than amusing that so many other ministries strive to sully your name and your faith then work more on the common ground of a connection to Jesus Christ and living well through the gospel. good luck in your life and preachings, you are a good man.

This is important background if one wishes to understand why I hold the type of childishness ministry in such disdain. Courtesy of Slice of Laodicea today AM brings you yet another stellar example of Youth Frat Parties Ministry. Why, can’t you just see the striking similarity to Paul and Barnabas? Well, Ingrid Schlueter certainly captured my thoughts well as she says:

The problem with a lot of youth “ministry” today is that it is all youth and no ministry. With the collective emotional age of a lot of youth pastors not exceeding 12, it is difficult to know what these youth events accomplish aside from furthering the cause of permanent adolescence. Remember Scripture’s injunctions that the older teach the younger?

What happens when there is no “older?” What happens when nobody matures mentally or emotionally past childhood? What happens when the supposed “men” are flabby, undisciplined kids who spend their time posting videos of themselves on YouTube? Here’s what happens. (Online source)

Time to grow up now boys — When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11, NASB).