The Christian Post has more on this dumb dream:

No Line On The Horizon, the latest album from Irish rock band U2, has finally hit music stores in North America after its worldwide debut Friday in Ireland. And according to a theologian in Alabama, it’s “the most thoroughly Christian thing they’ve done yet.”

“Like the last two albums, No Line is much more overt in its Christian rendering of the world, what with lyrics like ‘Justified until we die/You and I will magnify/Oh, the Magnificent’ from the album’s second track,” commented Steven R. Harmon, an associate professor of divinity at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Ala…

What a joke. The unbelieving wonder: “Justified? How?” So “You and I will magnify”… Who, and I; Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham? The “Magnificent”; yeah, is that the God of the Bible, the false god Allah of Islam?

My fellow Chrisitian apologist Ingrid Schlueter also adds the following insightful comment over at Slice of Laodicea:

U2’s latest album has been deemed the “most thoroughly Christian” yet by some, um, theologians. Har. After hearing an interview with Bono recently in which 1/3rd of it was bleeped due to his fondness for the F-word, I’m sure that this album will make a deep and lasting Christ-honoring impression on the world. With some churches already dumping hymnals in favor of U2’s songs on a screen, I’m sure fresh off-the-wall singing material for today’s evangelicals will be welcomed.