Had a long summer and need to unwind with an early Fall getaway? Well, “pastor” Paula White wants you to take a cruise with her, Christian apologist Josh McDowell, a host of people closely associated with Word Faith wolves and regular performers on the Trinity Blasphemy Broadcasting Network.

As of this writing scroll down and take a gander at the bottom left of this page over on Paula White’s website. The cruise is by Praisefest Ministries and CRN wants you to look at where the song plays in the upper left hand corner of this page. Notice that it says to click on JCTV for more information about the Reality Show. There you’ll see PM thanking TBN and JCTV, TBN’s MTV-style youth version, “for its continued support of Cruise With A Cause.”

Right now a quick perusal of the “Sponsors” link will show you that one of the sponsors of PM appears to be Way of the Master. If you were to look under the “Vision” link you’d see words of praise for PM from Josh McDowell himself and Dr. Ergun Caner of Liberty University, who’ll also be on board for this cruise. This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise because both McDowell and Caner are on the PM Board of Advisory.

And then when you follow the “click here for more information” link there amidst a bunch of people closely associated with wolves of the Word Faith movement and/or regular performers on TBN you’ll see the bios for both well known Word Faith wolf Paula White and for apologist Josh McDowell:

Paula White is a Pastor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Philanthropist, TV Personality, Mother, Preacher and Teacher. Behind her unassuming beauty and gentle, girlish charm is a story of tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity. She has overcome tumultuous early years to dedicate her life to helping others transform their circumstances, and discover God’s unique plan of destiny for their lives.

After almost four decades, cutting-edge ministry has become Josh [McDowell]’s mantra for reaching skeptical-minded youth and adults like he once was. Through live events, such as “Why Wait?” “Right from Wrong” and “Project 911,” he has touched the lives of more than seven million young people in 84 countries. Building on his audience and reputation for innovation, in 1990 Josh packaged his unique message and delivery into a popular weekly broadcast, called Josh McDowell Radio, that is heard on about 400 stations throughout the United States.

Ah, what was it Robert Zimmerman, that great theologian out of Hibbing, MN, aka Bob Dylan once opined: The times they are a-changin’. Well, now we might paraphrase this for postevangelicalism: The lines they are e-rasing.