An important issue within this saga of Ray Comfort publicly yoking himself with Word Faith wolves the Inspiring Excellence (IEC) heresy-palooza is that there is misinformation about it coming from Comfort and WOTM. In No, Ray Comfort The Issue Is Not Closed I pointed out that the initial mistake they made when I wrote privately to Todd Friel about this conference was in pegging me as a heresy hunter coming after Ray Comfort.

The reason why that was a mistake is certainly not because I am anything special; I absolutely am not. Rather had Friel or someone else at WOTM simply given me—or some of the big “name” bloggers who still aren’t covering this—a press release of some kind I would have gladly printed it without further comment. I would also have been more than pleased to simply pass it along to those I know. And this likely would have been the end of it.

However, the more one looks into this situation the more things don’t seem to add up. Comfort says he accepted this invitation to IEC but that he didn’t know anything about the other speakers. Yet this is at least year three in which he’s spoken at what is a Word Faith conference and almost all of the speakers are the same as before. And you need to understand that IEC isn’t just one, or even a few, Word Faith wolves who happen to be sprinkled onto a platform of some neutral convention hosted by a non-Word Faith organization.

Now you can see for yourself what Comfort said as Apprising Ministries gives you the link to the archives for this year’s Inspiring Excellence conference here. Ray Comfort speaks on 7/15 in the AM and PM worship service. As I have said previously there’s nothing in either presentation remotely resembling any kind of real rebuke of the heresies of this Word Faith cult.

And even though Ray Comfort has been at IEC at least twice before do you remember he said:

When this invitation came, I unwisely didn’t inquire as to the identity of other speakers, and I was horrified to see my picture next to theirs in the advertising.

Well, I want you to notice carefully at the very beginning of the PM worship service where host “pastor” Robb Thompson introduces the church to: “My friend, Ray Comfort.”