Daniel Chew is a friend of mine and the author of Driven Away by Purpose. Chew approaches dismantling and destroying the man-centered methodology of Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren in a way that I’ve not seen in any other work. I recommend it even of you think you’ve “heard it all” concerning the decidedly non-Calvinistic purpose driven religion which Richard Bennett, another friend of mine, aptly called The Adulation of Man.

In his most recent article at Daniel’s Place Chew looks at the sad saga surrounding Ray Comfort and his sharing the platform with heretics such as John Avanzini, Jesse Duplantis and Rod Parsley at the recent Inspiring Excellence conference (IEC).

The interested reader is referred No, Ray Comfort the Issue Is Not Closed for more detail on that, and for a shocking expose concerning the message of divination that Avanzini brought to IEC Apprising Ministries refers you to John Avanzini and His Talking Stones by Ingrid Schlueter.

In this article from Daniel Chew referenced below he takes us through a Biblical look at the often misunderstood doctrine of separation:

Up till now, I have not been discussing the issue with regards to the doctrine of separation which Pastor Ken has been mentioning quite a lot, and that is because I was waiting for Ray Comfort to get through the conference, or at least his slot for the conference to pass, so as to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now, the conference is more or less over, and the fallout has began since Comfort did not truly share the Gospel in the way that Jesus did and the false ‘gospel’ of the Word-faith cult (which is antithetical to the Gospel) was not addressed.

I cannot say I am surprised, and although I may sound cynical, it is to be expected since that is the way of human nature, which thus brings in the doctrine of Separation. The emergence of the New Evangelical movement in the 1950s/60s rejected the historic Protestant and Fundamentalist doctrine of Separation and through this, reap the bitter fruits of compromise and apostasy in the coming generations. (Online source)

You can read the entire article by Daniel Chew and join in the discussion here.