Having both contacted Way of the Master behind the scenes there was nothing further Apprising Ministries or Slice of Laodicea could do but bring this issue before the Body of Christ. And I agree with Ingrid Schlueter as she brings out:

As Christians does it matter at what conferences we speak? In the unlikely event that I’m asked to speak at a white supremacist conference, a lesbian pride rally, a wiccan convention, or a feminist gathering, should I accept the invitation? Would it be Christ-honoring for me to allow my grinning mugshot to appear alongside that of the First Grand Wizard of some KKK terrorist in a white hood? How about my photo next to the President of NARAL, the abortion rights group?

In the spiritual realm, how about me appearing at a New Spirituality gathering? After all, I would share the Gospel, right? I could stand there at the podium amidst all the unicorn horns strapped on people’s heads, all the turbans of the muftis and the yogis and share my Bible-based views on spirituality along with theirs. Would that be a great opportunity or a great confusion to those who hear I am speaking along with the Dali Lama ? I’m talking about organized events here, gatherings of people of one religious belief or another.

Ray Comfort is a brother in the Lord who I have greatly appreciated. He has made, however, the decision to participate in conferences with Word of Faith heretics. He has done this more than once.
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You can read the entire piece from Ingrid Schlueter here.