Over at The American Prospect: Liberal Intelligence (*wink* an oxymoron, right?) we read that:

Jay Bakker, son of the televangelist Jim Bakker and the late Tammy Faye Bakker, visited Joel Osteen’s Lakewood mega-church in Houston, Texas, in an effort to enlist the church’s participation in the civil-rights organization Soulforce’s effort to foster dialogue between churches and LGBT people.

Bakker, who pastors his own Revolution Church in Brooklyn, New York, became an openly “gay-affirming” pastor three years ago. Revolution Church’s Web site proclaims, “As Christians, we’re sorry for being self-righteous judgmental bas****s.” (Online source)

Well now, that tres classy *ahem* apology aside; it’s little wonder that Emerging Church spokesman Jay Bakker is gay-affirming. I mean after all, the LORD God Almighty Himself personally had a quick chat with “pastor” Bakker.

O yeah, ’tis true. We wouldn’t make this up. Anyway, right in line with Tony Jones and the Emergent Church: “Christian” Gay Is A-Ok the unchanging Lord told Bakker that He has now changed His mind and the practice of homosexuality is just fine with Him:

“The more I follow grace, the more I’m drawn to him [God], the more I’m willing to stand up for people being persecuted,” says Jay today. “This sounds so churchy, but I felt like God spoke to my heart and said ‘[homosexuality] is not a sin.’ ” (Online source)

The clip below is from Jay Baker’s One Punk Under God podcast. It begins with Bakker talking with a woman about homosexuality at an outdoor cafe. Shades of Oprah and Stuart Smalley, you’ll see the two exchange their mere personal speculations about the issue.

You know, the classic: “I’m ok; you’re ok; we’re all ok, because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and dog-gone it, people like me.” And what do you know; oddly enough, this person tells pastor Bakker that, “I feel like you can’t speak for God.” But then on the other hand she is also quite sure that he should speak on behalf of the gay community and gay Christians.

Know this: Anyone who listens to Emergent Church fools like Jay Bakker—who dare to continue in their Emerging rebellion against the authority of the Word of God in the Bible—will only get what they deserve for their insolence.

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