Divination is any technique for gaining secret or hidden information that is not ordained in Scripture. Its practice is sinful and forbidden. People who do not want to be restricted from using divination techniques offer two arguments: “methods are neutral,” and “God can use anything.”

From the Scriptures we have shown that the first claim is unbiblical. Methods are not neutral. Let me share an example. Most people would agree that the Ouija board is a form of divination and forbidden for Christians. But what if someone devised an Ouija board that was just like a real one, only was covered with Bible verses. Two people could put their hands on the pointing device and allow whatever forces make the board “work” to point to the appropriate verse. This, they would then take as God guiding them. This may seem absurd, but is a logically valid thing if indeed “methods are neutral.”

As a matter of fact, those who use the practice of closing their eyes, allowing their Bible to flop open, and sticking their finger into it to find a verse for guidance are using a similar technique. They are practicing divination. Some methods for obtaining spiritual knowledge are ordained by God, all others are forbidden.

The claim that, “God can use anything” is misleading. Though technically true, it is misleading in that there is a distinction to be made between what God has the power to use and what God ordains. There is also the fact that God can use something that is against His moral will and still bring judgment. God actually did use the Witch of En-dor, but it was a very bad thing for Saul. God can use evil for good purposes, but it is a very bad thing for the doers of evil who are thus used.

Bob DeWaay, The Dangers of Divination: A Biblical Explanation of Divination and Why It is Forbidden