They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them. (1 John 4:5)

Scratching Itching Ears With Worldly Wisdom

In this piece from Friendly Atheist (FA) we read of Rob Bell:

Even as an atheist who disagrees with many of his core beliefs, I’m still willing to lend an ear to just about anyone who can effectively promote an anti-Religious-Right form of Christianity. (Online source)

Sure, why not? Rob Bell, well-known pastor in the emerging church tells them what they want to hear about social issues, barely speaks of the need for repentance of sin and vaguely presents a near universalism as I show in Rob Bell Says “All-ee In Free…Almost”.

It is in fact quite telling when one who used to attend Bell’s very church, now an atheist, says in the comments section of that above post at FA:

I have mixed feelings about Rob Bell. Having lived in Grandville for a few years, I attended Mars Hill and ate up every word during my Christian days. Now as an atheist, I periodically download mp3’s of his sermons, and it’s fascinating just how much fluff goes into them.

On the one hand, I applaud the newer brand of Christianity he’s selling, only because it is in stark contrast to fundamentalism and it seems to make those fundies all queezy. But on the other hand, having listened to a lot of his sermons, I realize that when it comes down to it, he’s a performer plain and simple. He has a way of story-telling that is more about feel-good living and helping others rather than militaristic evangelicalism. In all honesty, his teachings remind me of the ol’ serpent in the garden with his soothing, slippery tongue. It’s such an eye opening experience to see his performance for what it’s worth after having been held captive by it in my earlier days. (Online source, emphasis mine)

And as Jim Bublitz noted over at Old when he discussed Bell’s recent “The gods aren’t angry” tour:

Emerging Church super star Rob Bell is traveling around the country on his tour… I have not seen it (it would have been $16 spent on something that would get ME angry), but here are three reviews from like-minded folks who happened to go: R1, R2 R3. One of them writes: “[Bell’s] closing words were, ‘God is not angry because God is love’. Sounds like John Lennon to me. Sounds like Oprah to me. Doesn’t sound like the Bible to me.” Another described Bell’s 90 minute talk as: “careful and planned ambiguity” in which the Gospel was not explained, and: “Essentially it was a ‘love Jesus, and buy groceries for the poor’ kind of message”.

So Apprising Ministries asks: What’s not for the world to love?

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