Marcus Borg tells us in Jesus And Buddha: The Parallel Sayings of which he is editor:

I write as a Jesus scholar and a devoted non-exclusivist Christian. Buddhists might see matters differently and I know that some Christians would. But the cumulative product of my thinking and experience is the conclusion that Jesus and the Buddha are the two most remarkable religious figures whom have ever lived. Moreover, there are striking similarities between them. I have sometimes said if the Buddha and Jesus were to meet, neither would try to convert the other–not because they would regard such an effort as hopeless, but because they would recognize one another.
(Editor’s Preface, v., emphasis added)

Men and women, Marcus Borg has just equated the LORD God Almighty in human flesh with the Buddha, one of His creations. Below you will see the opposite side of the coin from someone like a Dr. Walter Martin as “Christian” scholar Marcus Borg “discusses the nature of Christianity as a spiritual ‘path’ or ‘way,’ particularly as it compares to other religions such as Buddhism.” Borg opens by saying, “Christianity as ‘the way’; and I don’t mean that in the sense of Christian exclusivism, but for Christians, Christianity is the way…”

Now I ask you, why would ostensibly orthodox Christians like Rob Bell and Brian McLaren lend their credibility in evangelical circles to this type of despicable blasphemy? The Body of Christ simply does not need this Emergent Church conversation gaining any more ears and becoming entrenched even deeper within our Lord’s Church.