This piece here at Apprising Ministries is an update of a post which originally appeared at our sister outreach Christian Research Net.

As a pastor-teacher, in the Lord I’m going to say it once again. Listen, and listen closely: The link to this post, penned by a pastor, clearly shows you the rotten fruit produced by the semi-pelagian i.e. man-loving new evangelicalism and its sick counterpart the Emergent Church, which you are now witnessing swallowing up your church youth groups. Time has arrived to wake up.

Men and women, in the comments section at this “Christian” watcher of the the alleged “watchdoggies” website these people are actually having a prolonged and protracted argument FOR the use of profanity in the lives of Christians.

Update: It’s been brought to my attention via two emails from the website in question, neither of which address the actual point of the perversity of profanity from Christians, that this incredibly inane and absurd comment is not from a disciple of Erwin McManus who works with him at Mosaic to whom I intially attributed the foolishness below.

There are at least three “Nathans” at this site and we apologize for any confusion:

Comment from Nathan
Time: November 19, 2007, 10:47 am

I wouldn’t give my kids adult medicine, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sin. They wouldn’t cuss because they don’t have the capacity to know when and why to turn it off.

Again, not to patronize you, but that is another appeal to intuition.

Huh!? Intuition? Hmm, I see; so when the children reach the cussing “age of non-accountabilty,” then they will be adult enough to have the capacity to be able to use “Christian-cussing” correctly?

The Nathan who works with Erwin McManus authored even Hitler has his tactics comparing CRN contributor Steve Camp, a fine upstanding Christian, to Hitler. I would then write The Phony “Tolerance” of the Emergent Church and the New Evangelicalism.

After which Nathan Neighbour did confirm that he wrote the Hitler post–bashing a man of God like Steve Camp–here. And so my original comment stands: O nice job there by Pastor McManus.