In this piece over at The God and Culture Blog Paul Edwards begins with the following quote from Joel Osteen:

“I try to leave them better off than they were before,” is how Joel Osteen defined the endgame for his multi-million dollar ministry of self-help and empowerment during a twelve minute segment on CBS’ 60 Minutes titled, “Joel Osteen Answers His Critics.” Far from answering his critics, the segment may have given Osteen critics more fodder.

In twelve short minutes Osteen managed to admit that his ministry is more about show than substance, that he has an aversion to doctrine and theology, that he has no gifting as a teacher of God’s word, that he would rather inspire and motivate people than fulfill the biblical mandate given to pastors to reprove and rebuke, and that what he teaches is closer to Dr. Phil and Oprah than it is to Jesus or St. Paul. In plainer words, Joel Osteen, by his own admission, may be well-qualified as a motivational speaker but lacks many of the qualifications to be considered a shepherd and pastor of God’s people.

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