I’m pleased here at Apprising Ministries to point you over to Slice of Laodicea for the link to this Crosstalk program featuring a couple of my dear friends in Christ. Ingrid writes:

Here’s the link to the Crosstalk Show from yesterday. Pastor Bob DeWaay was my guest and we discussed the emerging church movement and what some of its leaders and authors are teaching. You can listen to the mp3 here. I am delighted that Pastor DeWaay is writing a book on this subject. His book on the Purpose Driven movement was one of the finest I’ve read.

The Crosstalk website also informs us that:

Pastor DeWaay believes that the Emergent Church movement is not about articulating the Gospel. In fact he believes it’s about denying the Gospel as it questions anyone who believes they know the truth. (Online source)

And a perfect case in point is found in Doug Pagitt of the Emerging Church on Way of the Master Radio where you will hear Doug Pagitt do just that. Pagitt is widely respected pastor in the Emergent Church and the man Leadership Network selected to bring together the people of the Terranova Project in 1997 from which this whole Emergent rebellion against the Word of God would then grow.