For there are many rebellious men, empty talkers and deceivers. (Titus 1:10)

The Sad Slide Of A Former Friend

As I introduce this post from my friend Jim Bublitz over at his excellent website Old Truth.com a little background is in order for newer readers of Apprising Ministries. Jim and I were both contributors for Ingrid Schlueter over at the original Slice of Laodicea. He also assisted Ingrid as editor and I as pastoral advisor. It was time I will never forget and I remember it fondly.

Henry (Rick) Frueh was a frequent commenter there and was once one I considered a friend. There is some confusion at the website where he currently is a contributor and it has been put forth a few times that Rick was a contributor at SOL. This is absolutely false, though I will admit I near the end of our run I did recommend him for a possible slot.

However, his recent post If You do not Agree with Ken – You Might not be Saved! where Rick goes on the attack but widely misses what I was talking about will give you a good idea of how our relationship has seriously derailed. For reasons known only to Rick and God he has become decidedly hostile to the Biblical doctrines of grace and quite sympathetic to new evangelicalism. And to the surprise of not a few I know ‘round the ol’ blogosphere Rick has also warmed to the Hollow Men of the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church.

Here’s where Jim Bublitz now brings us further up to speed on Rick’s sad slide:

The shocking anti-Calvinist statements from Pastor Henry (Rick) Frueh seem to have no end these days. In one of his latest online contributions he has this to say to someone who commented on a blog: “– you subscribe not just to an emotionless, Calvinistic view of people being damned forever, you seem to teach we should rejoice. Then when Jesus wept over Jerusalem He was just being an Arminian cry baby, right?”. But does that fit with the historical accounts of what we know of Calvinist pastors, many of which have been known to weep and pray over lost souls? Let’s have a look at church history and find out.

You can read the rest of Jim’s insightful post here.

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