We file this one under: You Really Don’t Get it, Do You?

In I’ve Finally Joined The Ranks of Rick Warren, Erwin McManus and Ed Young, Jr. , which is stretching the point jus’ a li’l bit, Chris Elrod writes:

Seeing as how Rick Warren, Ed Young Jr., Erwin McManus, Perry Noble and Gary Lamb have also been slammed by Christian Research Net and A Little Leaven…I feel like I’ve finally arrived!!! Now if I can just get hammered by Slice Of Laodicea or Apprising Ministries…then I’ve got a “hat trick”. :-)

Well, here let’s lend a hand then. Reprinted from Christian Research Net

Take for openers Football is Back!!! from "planter, pastor and shepherd" Chris Elrod featuring this eloquent opening line:

God is so good. If God made anything better than sex and football…He kept it for himself! :-)

Then there’s this gem Technorati S**ks and what sophomoric mind would be thoroughly represented without the obligatory post on *tee hee* sex Let’s Talk About SEX!!!, which requires an NC-17 rating.

*Update* A CRN reader made us aware that in the post Confessions of a Stupid Pastor – Part 5 said pastor says under point 9:

For whatever reason Compass Point has received the scorn of other Lakeland churches and pastors since we began. In our early days a local pastor actually preached against us from his pulpit. When I asked him why he said, "Because Compass Point is loud, rude and obnoxious!" I totally dug that…it made me feel like a member of Motley Crue or Guns N’ Roses! You know, he never said we were unbiblical. He never said we weren’t reaching people for Christ. He never said we weren’t missional…he just said we were loud, rude and obnoxious. As a fan of pirates, hard rock and rebellion I like that assessment of us. Loud, rude and obnoxious has worked pretty well in reaching other loud, rude and obnoxious people for Christ…I think we’re going to turn loud, rude and obnoxious up a notch!!! :-)

HT:A Little Leaven