Over at Born Again Blogger we read a quote from the Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren which originally appeared in the Washington Post:

“One of my goals is to take evangelicals back a century, to the 19th century,” said Warren, 51, shifting painfully in his chair because of a back sprain suffered during an all-terrain-vehicle romp with his 20-year-old son, Matthew. “That was a time of muscular Christianity that cared about every aspect of life.” (Online source)

Off the record yesterday someone said to me, “I used to like Rick Warren but the more I look into him the more I think he should just shut up.” Amen! It must be a nightmare for the Saddleback censors. Is Warren serious here? “One of my goals is to take evangelicals back a century, to the 19th century.” Not a good idea Rick with your current attempts to single-handedly reverse the entire Protestant Reformation.

You see, you can get away with this here in this time of gelatinous spiritual sissies in leadership within the American Christian Church but you might recall a man named Charles Spurgeon. That’s right Rick, he stood against the liberals in The Downgrade Controversy but unfortunately there is no Charles Spurgeon to stand against you neo-liberals here in the current New Downgrade No-Controversy.

But just for the record here’s what a real man of God will say as Rick Warren, the New Charles Finney, attempts to make the genuine Body of Christ believe apostate Roman Catholicism is in fact Christian. So back to the 19th century you go Rick. The following concerning Spurgeon’s proper Christian view about the spiritual whore that is the Church of Rome comes from my Apprising Ministries article We Are Not Brothers!

Essence of lies, and quintessence of blasphemy, as the religion of Rome is, it nevertheless fascinates a certain order of Protestants, of whom we fear it may be truly said that “they have received a strong delusion to believe a lie, that they may be damned.”

Seeing that it is so, it becomes all who would preserve their fellow-immortals from destruction to be plain and earnest in their warnings. Not in a party-spirit, but for truth’s sake, our Protestantism must protest perpetually

Years ago the great evangelist Leonard Ravenhill asked, “Where are the Elijahs of God?” Good question my dear brother; but as the SBC Slowly Becoming Catholic), supposedly the largest alleged “Protestant” denomination in the country, allows it’s most recognized pastor to openly desecrate the blood of the Protestant Reformers–who were murdered so Rick Warren could have a Bible in his hands to twist–O Lord, right now we’d settle for just a couple of Spurgeons…