Here’s an excellent MUST READ article by Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church. The Lord be praised for men of God like DeWaay who will tell you the truth because their aren’t many of them in our tepid time. He has been so helpful to me here at Apprising Ministries and I am honored to call him my friend. DeWaay hits the emerging church the Devil’s repainted/reimagined/regurgitated viper’s nest of liberal theology straight on as he writes: 

A just-published book entitled An Emergent Manifesto of Hope edited by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones contains 25 essays written by various leaders in the Emergent “conversation.” Pagitt and Jones provide introductions to the various sections of the book. As difficult as it has been to pin down this movement theologically, this book erases any doubts about the key unifying theological perspective of the movement—theological liberalism. It also makes clear whom they see largely as the enemy—evangelicals who consider the Bible inerrant and who preach from it authoritatively.

You can read the rest of this article right here.