Dr. Al Mohler weighed in yesterday concerning some important *ahem* "changes" within evangelicalism:

What do you do when your pastor shows up in a new gender? That question is now faced by a United Methodist church in Maryland, and the issue of transgender persons is soon to confront all churches and denominations. As The Baltimore Sun reports, the Rev. Ann Gordon is now presented as Rev. Drew Phoenix.

Well, as difficult as the issue of whether God created someone male or female can be, one wonders if Dr. Mohler will venture an opinion as to why the once female–now "not" female–person was ordained to teaching elder in violation of the Bible in the first place? After all, it is an issue facing the Soiled By Compromise denomination right now:  BAPTIST MEGACHURCH PREPARES FOR FEMALE SENIOR PASTOR

O certainly we can expect that transgender-ism is surely to become its own force soon in the "I love me" new evangelicalism; but maybe Dr. Mohler has an opinion concerning Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren, one of the Slowly Becoming Catholic’s most prominent ministers, who is busy helping to build parishes for apostate Roman Catholicism, not to mention stake houses for the non-Christian cult of Mormonism: RICK WARREN WITH PURPOSE DRIVEN ROMAN CATHOLICISM AND MORMONISM?

Dr. Mohler ends his piece on gender transformation by informing us: "The challenge could show up at your church tomorrow." Hmm I wonder, any chance the other transformations I just brought to your attention here at Apprising Ministries could be coming to a denomination near you?