In Rick Warren You Are A Hypocrite, as a fellow Southern Baptist pastor, I explained that Warren is in hypocrisy until he either admits he is not “brother” Rupert Murdoch’s pastor or publicly rebukes him for his blatant sin of perpetrating pornography and for his exploitation of women. In a follow up piece I also brought out the fact that Warren is openly embracing the apostate Roman Catholic Church as a Christian denomination. What follows is a response from Saddleback, kinda maybe…

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3, KJV)

Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life To Reverse The Lord’s Reformation

The other day I published an article here at Apprising Ministries entitled Southern Baptist Pastor Rick Warren Is Promoting Apostate Roman Catholicism and in it I mention that allegedly evangelical “Protestant” and PDL Pope Rick Warren has a link to Catholic Courier.com in his Purpose Driven Catholics section at Purpose Driven.com

The Catholic Courier, weekly newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, New York, was founded by lay Catholics in 1889 as The Catholic Journal… Bishop Matthew H. Clark, leader of the Diocese of Rochester, is both publisher of the Catholic Courier and president of the RCPA. (Online source)

I end my article by asking what is actually a very important question and especially so considering the increasing presence within evangelicalism of the Emergent Church with its egregious ecumenical bent:

Can someone please explain to me how the Southern Baptist denomination, allegedly one of the largest “Protestant” denominations in the world, says absolutely nothing while one its most prominent pastors is actively promoting apostate Roman Catholicism and even helping them to build bigger churches.

Well today Saddleback Spin Doctor Mark Kelly, whose actual title there is “News and Editorial Director,” has responded to it, sort of. At his kainos blog in a piece called “Currier? Courier?” to highlight an inadvertent typo within the piece I mention above Kelly writes:

The “Catholic Currier” – that’s the immigrant from Dublin who brushes out your steed after you’ve ridden to the hounds all afternoon with the other members of the Orange Order? (Online source)

I’ll leave aside the slurs, as I do happen to be a former Roman Catholic and even Irish on my late mom’s side, and just drawn your attention to the fact that you click on “Catholic Currier” and you come right to my earlier article on Warren’s embrace of the Roman Catholic Church as a Christian denomination. So then, what is Kelly’s response as “News and Editorial Director” for Saddleback Church to this critical question?

In what seems to me to be some kind of an attempt at humor Kelly tells us about a fifth grade teacher he calls “Miss Pennywhistle” who labored to teach children like Kelly “the basics about homonyms.” From the way Kelly describes it unfortunately they may have had a limited ability to grasp the English language.

Ok I admit, I’m not exactly sure what this would have to do with Rick Warren turning his back on his Christian brothers during the Reformation who were brutally murdered by order of Popes from the Roman Catholic Church. Brave men moved by God the Holy Spirit to boldly declare the Church of Rome is apostate.

And now here’s the rest of Mark Kelly’s response to my article:

She would have been gravely disappointed if, 40 years later, I still confused ‘currier’ with ‘courier.’

That’s it!? Hmm, you know on second thought there really may be a sort of reply within. A “currier” is indeed someone who cleans the coat of a horse with a curry brush, or comb. So perhaps this was an attempt to put me “in my place” for daring to question Pope Rick of the Royal Orange Order.

However, what I am going to take away from this is that when you click on the word “courier” above, low and behold you come right to [Roman] Catholic Courier.com. So maybe we should suppose the message really is: Rick Warren is powerful enough in the Body of Christ that he can simply reverse the Protestant Reformation all by himself.

And you know what; right now it sure looks like he is. But I can also tell you this Mark Kelly, as one who was personally delivered from the apostate Roman Catholic Church by God’s grace alone; through faith alone, in Christ alone, I’m not about to stand idly by as anyone–and that includes Rick Warren–attempts to lead Christ’s sheep into the religious bondage from which He set me free…

Just thought you might want to know how the “Currier” Ken Silva feels…

*Update* Since my piece here went online Kelly has added a personal response:

(Gee, Ken, all I wanted you to do was fix the typo. No need to engage in ad hominem.)

As you can see yet again, what Mark Kelly says has absolutely nothing to do with the actual point of either of the articles I have now written regarding Rick Warren and his open embrace of the apostate Roman Catholic Church. You need to understand that we’re not talking about some Junior High football game here. No, what we are dealing with is the souls of men and women who will sit in PDL churches thinking they are saved when they are not.

And I have a feeling that this time Saddleback will find out that a sophomoric attempt to introduce red herrings into the discussion simply isn’t going to work.