I have a feeling that Saddleback may find out that they should have let this issue rest. Today Christian Post issues a “story” attributed to “Christian Post correspondent” Maria Mackay which had earlier appeared in Christian Today on Friday, but really reads more like a Saddleback Church press release. And we’ve already seen Saddleback censors pull a CT story the other day.

It makes me wonder; is Saddleback now taken to dictating news reports for Christian Post?:

Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. has responded to a number of charges against its founding pastor, Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren, for not disciplining global media executive Rupert Murdoch over his alleged ownership and expansion of pornographic channels in Europe.Chris Rosebrough, head of the Calif.-based Christian Accountability Network, was one of a number of Christians who earlier this month said that Warren should “call Murdoch to repentance and/or put him out of the church.”

In response, David Chrzan, chief of staff at Saddleback Church, pointed out…that any attempt on the part of Warren “to exercise biblical authority he doesn’t have would be presumptuous and inappropriate.”

For the growing numbers who have grown disenchanted with the whole Saddleback Rick Warren PR Machine with their Purpose Driven propaganda and would like the facts surrounding the issues involved I recommend:

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