You may recall an earlier post over on Christian Research Net called Emergent Church: Crosstalk Radio Interview. As I had noted over at the pagittBlog Emergent Church pastor Doug Pagitt decided to weigh in on his interview by Ingrid Schleuter on her Crosstalk Program yesterday…well, in a reimagined sort of Emergent non-way…

But all of a sudden *poof* the post vanished into the Emergent postmodern fog as apparently Pastor Doug decided to just take his blog and go home. Well, I guess so much for…*ahem* "the conversation."

*Update* Well now it appears the original post has just as suddenly returned sans the original comments along with a sort of explanation:

I am not doing this to stop discussion. I am doing this because this kind of interaction is not discussion. Rather it is people not using their real names writing accusatory things.

Just for the record when I left my comment as you’ll see I used my real name. The following is my post copied directly from Pagitt’s blog earlier this morning:

"then the fundies start trashing and being abusive–>then emerging church folks try to make an appeal to grace–>then the fundies get meaner."

O please…we’re all adults here, right? Ingrid just basically sat back and let Doug have the floor so to speak.

It’s not like Emergent doesn’t trash the Reformation and the doctrines of grace – such as God’s sovereign election.

And by the way my good friend Bob DeWaay, as Doug knows very well, is Pastor Bob DeWaay, not some fellow off the street… You want respect you should extend some. 

Actually Pagitt had already been whining over at Slice of Laodicea earlier:

At some point doesn’t this kind of talk become gossip and slander? I mean really.It seems to me that if people like me bother you so much you ought to just leave us alone and stop inviting us to be on your programs or be featured on your website.To equate people who are seeking to be faithful with those mentioned in Jude is beyond rude and enters into divisiveness.

O please Doug. Striving to be "faithful" to what? And we’re "rude" and praticing "divisiveness"? Aren’t you the superior Christians in the so-called emerging church who have defecated on the blood of the Reformation martyrs by dragging Gnostic contemplative spirituality from antibiblcal monastic traditions from apostate Roman Catholicism back into the Church of our Lord? Well know this, God hated that religious skybala then and He hates it now.

Here’s a word for you Doug, if you can’t take the heat of the dialogue then you’d best cease with the conversation. You see, some of us have heard enough of this lunacy in the Lord’s Name and think it’s time once again to throw the moneychangers out of God’s House.