The Emerging Church, the cult of a new liberal theology, is on the path to usher in our inclusive future of the new evangelical religion of timid tolerance. At the website for Ebenezer Lutheran Church, aka “‘Her’ Church,” (ELCA) “Reverend” Ms. Stacy Boom, “Pastor” of this spiritual skybala wants us to know that:

We are a diverse community, standing firmly within the Christian tradition in order to re-image the divine by claiming her feminine persona in thealogy, liturgy, church structure, art, language, practices, leadership, and acts of justice. Challenging the church’s restricted language of the past, we pay special attention to images and metaphors that attempt to embrace divine fullness and that offer a witness of holy nurture and inclusive justice, both to the church and to the world. (emphasis theirs)

Also, every Wednesday night one can even experience the “Christian Goddess Rosary”

Goddess Rosary Beads will be available for use during that time.  Prayers and suggested meditations will be on hand as well as incense, candles and bells. Community spoken Goddess Rosary will be conducted at twenty minute intervals… You may come and go as you wish, and use the prayer stations at any time. In an attempt to use Biblical, century-old images and developing connections with the Holy Other, the Goddess rosary is grounded in traditions of the Christian Church and the proclamation of the gospel which is a vision of release from bondage for a new creation.Midweek is a good time for you to re-center your hectic paced week and allow the sacred to surround and embrace you! Come share this spiritual and awe-filled experience.

Aw-FUL would be the correct Biblical expression. For a further idea of your contemplative neopagan and Gnostic new evangelical future you be sure and check out the video below con of the emerging Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Satan’s expanding Ecumenical Church of Deceit. And if you still think the Emergent Church movement poses no danger to your youth then you seriously need to have your spiritual head examined…