On the Grace to You CD on the Emerging Church, upon which Phil Johnson hosted Dr. John MacArthur in studio, Dr. MacArthur said this Emergent Church movement was about “deconstructing” people’s belief systems without really replacing it with an alternative. In that regard the video clip to follow could be entitled the “de-evolving church” because you will hear Emergent leaders like Guru Brian McLaren doing just Dr. MacArthur mentioned: Causing people to question what they believe but leaving them with no real alternative save for some vague and nebulous “missional” living.

The intro from Nathan Colquhoun tells us:

The Evolving Church (a conference that three friends and I ran in Toronto) happened back in April [2006] and 100 Huntley Street took a bunch of footage there and did interviews. Finally, 8 months later, they put some on their show. You can see it below with features by Brian McLaren, Donald Miller, Chris Seay and Pernell Goodyear:

And here is Rob Bell, who insists he’s not Emergent (Uh-huh, right Rob), adding his blessing in this video clip which was played during this year’s Evolving Church Conference. Note the excitement when Rob mentions a trio of dubious distinction as he says emphatically, “Ron Sider, Shane Claiborne and Jim Wallis are in the house; c’mon, that is awesome! I wish I could be there, but God bless you…”: