As of this writing the Top Artist at the Christian Rap/Hip Hop page Amy Bartlett of Rhapsody gives us some background on Toby McKeehan aka Toby Mac:

Toby Mac, one third of the influential DC Talk and the last band member to branch out, has proven to be a solid – and diverse – solo force. His music ranges from melodic beats with Latin flair (“Irene”), to hardcore house/hip-hop (“Get this Party Started”), to hilariously brilliant skits (“Triple Skinny,” “Tru Dog”). Mac knows engineering like Yo-Yo Ma knows the cello, and his immaculately studio-refined music reflects that passion for production. In just the blink of an album, this mastermind behind DC Talk has established himself as a unique independent performer and producer.

As noted above, more than just a recording artist, 1Cubed.com tells us McKeehan is also a producer of more music ministries and he’s even teamed up with Bill Gauther:

While he records and tours extensively with dc Talk, Toby also focuses much of his time and energy developing and producing other artists on his own record label, Gotee Records. Since the label’s inception in 1994, Gotee’s roster has grown to include such acts as Out of Eden, Jennifer Knapp, Sonicflood, The Katinas, and others. Gotee also houses 40 Records, a newly created modern praise & worship venture between Toby and Christian music veteran Bill Gaither.

This link takes you to Toby Mac’s description of his song “Irene” referenced above which he says:

is a cultural song. You know, it’s got Latino flavor. It’s got Urban flavor, African American flavor. It’s got a little bit of Reggae.

I need to be somewhere that’s cultural. Asian people here, African American people there, Latino people here, Indian people over here. It’s like, you take all that and you — it just feels right for a song like “Irene.”

Then over at his website Toby Mac’s portable sounds website you can find out the latest tour dates as well as be able to check out his new video “Lose My Soul.”

Here’s Toby Mac as he ministers in music with his very Beastie Boys-like song “Get This Party Started” which apparently has something to do with Romans 10:9 as you’ll see at the end of this clip:

This is Toby Mac and “Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)” at Winter Jam in Valdosta, GA. Watch how T-Mac catches a “fire from God”:

And finally here’s “Boomin’” from a performance on The Logan Show T-Mac apparently wants us to know that “this one goes out to anyone listenin’” to the “message” of this piece of music ministry: