holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.
(2 Timothy 3:6)

Mark Driscoll Was A Leading Voice In The Beginning Of The Emergent Church

For those who have wondered why when I am asked about Mark Driscoll’s complete departure from Emergent I reply, “I personally don’t buy it,” herein is one of the reasons. Driscoll’s Church is advertising their MARS HILL’S CINCO DE SERVICE:

We go out! We stay in! We celebrate! Go OUT into our city with Mars Hill Mercy Ministry, OR stay IN at Ballard for a complete Spring Cleaning. Whichever you choose, meet back at the Ballard building at 5:30pm to CELEBRATE with your brothers & sisters fiesta-style.

And what does this “fiesta” include – cervesas (i.e. beer):

Viva La Fiesta! This party is going to be be fabulous! From the team that brought you the Red Hot Bash, this over-the-top party is not to be missed. Decor! Taquitos! Chimichangas! Cervesas! Mariachis! and Mas! (emphasis mine)

This is because Pastor Driscoll happens to be a bit of a chelero, a bebedor de cerveza. Now as you can also see above that this is the same Mars Hill Church which featured this past New Years’ Red Hot Bash:

Come bust a move on the enormous dance floor when the Ballard Campas transforms into a posh club to celebrate the New Year. A smoking band, tasty desserts, a champagne toast at midnight – Mars Hill has never seen a party like this.
(emphasis theirs)

Yes indeed, quite the celebration glorifying the Lord, isn’t it. O but there was even more:

We’ll be transforming our auditorium into a Red Hot Spot, bringing in an enormous dance floor, refreshments, dessert, champagne, photos in an awesome backdrop designed for the event and all the noise-making party favors you could want… This is a swanky event on a day to celebrate. Bonus points for anything RED hot! (emphasis mine)

O call me jaded if you must, but somehow I doubt the reference to “red hot” above was to a discussion of the subject of Hell. No, rather it is a demeaning secular reference to what is allegedly “sexually attractive,” or for those who are Biblically impaired, which would cause one to lust.

Is the Church of Jesus Christ really so far off into missing the things of the world that we really think it’s appropriate conduct for a “non-Emergent” Pastor like Mark Driscoll to turn part of his church into a seedy nightclub, liquor-up his flock and then encourage them to lust?

Y’know, based on $evangelical$ leaders lining up in a desperate attempt to appear “cool” to the young by embracing the likes of this “cussing pastor” I’d have to say yes. Well, you can count me out. And interestingly enough the location of Driscoll’s Church is perhaps a message all in itself; at least it works for me:

Mars Hill Church 1401 NW Leary [i.e. leery of] Way.