Today in “Beloving” or Believing his post about about “progressive Christian” Dr. Marcus Borg, Dr. Al Mohler tells us, “Borg explains that he has a ‘deeper faith in Jesus’ after rejecting the testimony about Jesus in the New Testament.” Yeah, who needs those nasty ol’ eyewitness accounts getting in the way anyway. It’s the age old: “Don’t confuse me with the facts because I’ve already made up my mind.”

Then Dr. Mohler says, “Professor Borg wants to redefine the Christian faith so that it meets his expectations and preferences for the postmodern age.” Yes Dr. Mohler, that’s right he does, and so do the Emergent Church leaders Southern Baptist Convention President Dr. Frank Page has praised. Can you please do us a favor sir and leave obvious safe targets like Jimmy Carter and Marcus Borg alone and join your friend Dr. John MacArthur in the Truth War.

Dr. Mohler there are many of us who long to see you use your considerable clout to take on those like Erwin McManus who actually do present a clear and present danger within our SBC.