It’s nice that even in the midst of battling in the internet wars as the American Christian Church continues its slide into apostasy every once and a while we get to report on something good. First of all, many of you know that Christian Research Net as well as Apprising Ministries are fully integrated auxiliaries of Connecticut River Baptist Church. They are part of the evangelistic outreach of CRBC Company.

Well, it gives me great pleasure to draw your attention to this new website called Symphony of Scripture. While SoS is its own entity it is also a joint venture with my local church, CRBC Company, and a few twenty-two and twenty-three year old young men in Australia who started this site recently. Ryan Patterson, an eighteen-year-old young man that I had the privilege of leading to Christ two years ago, represents CRBC Company while I am acting as a pastoral advisor for them.

This all came about not long after I wrote the post It’s Not All Bad: Ben Davis. In it I pointed out that Ben is a young man of twenty-two from Australia. And further that I’d noticed for a while now that he had been picking up and linking to articles of mine and one day I had time to go over to his blog. And God alone be praised it was very nice to see a young person who has seen through this postmodern smokescreen and his site is loaded with very solid Biblical food.

I’ve since gotten to know Ben and so with much joy in the Lord I now offer this as an encouragement. And not only to Ben and the rest of the SoS Team, but really to all of us, in that even though Satan is attempting to swallow up their generation in his Emergent Church the young men at SoS give every impression of standing firm to the end. If you have a chance won’t you please stop by and commend these young men at Team SoS for their unyielding stand for the historic orthodox Christian faith.