On this website we read: “The way of all peace is to scale the mountain of Self. Loving others makes the climb down easier. We see all things darkly until love lights the lamp of the Soul.” Now who said it; Living Spiritual Teacher Father Thomas Keating? Nope. Living Spiritual Teacher Quaker Richard Foster? Unh-unh. Living Emergent Guru Brian McLaren? Um, getting warm.

But actually this quote, which is completely consistent with the contemplative mysticism now becoming Emergent in rapidly apostatizing $evangelicalism$, comes from Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Sylvia Browne:

The above words form the first tenet of Novus Spiritus. Within them lies the basic philosophy of the Society, namely: Life is a long journey of discovery, wherein each person must meet–and love–themselves, overcome their own fears, and learn the truth about loving. It is a process of perfecting the innate, God-given beauty of the Soul.

Excuse me, I’m fighting hard with my gag reflex, but this is exactly where many professing Christians are heading by dabbling in forbidden spiritual practices like Contemplative/Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina. I’ve already shown you for example that Dan Kimball encourages occult “spiritual disciplines” and yet we’re told by evangelical leaders Kimball is thoroughly orthodox. Ok; and I guess than I’m the one who’s living in Wonderland chasing rabbits down holes.

C’mon, time to wake up from our slumber now folks. The new cult of liberal theology known as the Emergent Church is at its rotten root a rebellion against the Bible. This means it begins in spiritual deception and those who follow the Reformation-hating teachings of men like Dan Kimball join him in urinating on the memory of the Reformers who were murdered for their faith. Think back now; you remember, the evangelical faith that once was “Protestant.”

O, and by the way Browne’s moniker for her mystery-embracing Gnostic religion perfectly describes what happens to someone as God gives that person over to spiritual deception: “Take what you like and leave the rest behind.” Yikes now that I think of it, Browne had better make sure that she owns the copyright on this one before the blind fools at Emergent Village of Vipers swallow that up too as their new slogan…