For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3)

Knowing Nothing But Jesus And Him Crucified

Get ready for anointed Word Faith preacher, motivational speaker and blatant Self Promoter…oops, make that “Pastor” Clint Brown. We’re told that his message is clear: Hey, look at me! No, no, I’m sorry–that’s not it, it’s:

Praise brings change [or dollars] to every situation in your life, and worship is the relationship with the Life Giver.

*wiping a tear from my eye* Very Christ-centered. Brown, by the way, is the former worship leader for Word Faith preacher Rod Parsley. And now you can go to blatant promoter of self…ah, I mean Pastor Clint Brown’s own circus church right here.

O, and be sure to play Pastor Clint’s heartwarming promo…um, make that welcome video. And in a startling similarity to the Apostle Paul we’re even told that it just so happens Pastor Clint is also:

an accomplished musician and songwriter…[whose] music is known worldwide with 14 albums…Pastor Brown is also CEO of Tribe Music Group Inc., which owns and operates a first class recording studio and a highly profiled publishing company and distribution company. In less than 10 years Pastor Brown has seen his congregation grow to over 6,000 members and cover many pastors and churches throughout America. (Online source)

Whew-ee, that’s an awful lot of growth in short period of time! Why it even rivals that of the Mars Hill Bible Church of Emergent Church Pastor Rob Bell. Well, just as with Bell, there seems to be a bit more to the story.

You see, according to Charisma magazine it appears that Word Faith godfather Benny Hinn asked Brown to merge his FaithWorld Church (aka FaithWorld Center of Orlando) with Hinn’s World Outreach Center of Orlando.

Then there were those couple of lawsuits…but we’re not going there. Anyway, here is the link to the video page. Be sure to check out the one at the top left and “Experience Church”:

Do you want a church with excitement? Come to FaithWorld [WORLD–hello!] and experience church like you’ve never seen it before! (emphasis mine)

We’re also proudly told that this clip was “used for television.” Pretty exciting stuff here with our patently obvious Self Promoter…oops – ok, ok – “Pastor”. And you need to understand that its not as if Brown is some unknown because Joyce Meyer, arguably the Queen of Word Faith heresy, says of Brown’s music:

Clint Brown’s music has been a personal blessing in my life. The songs he’s written and produced are some of my favorites, I highly recommend his music for your life. (Online source)

What are we going to get with his music at FaithWorld Church/Center? Think a theatrical Bruce Springsteen rock concert meets the G-Unit hip hop posse. Alright, here’s where you can get a little mello sumpun’, sumpun’ from Pastor Clint in his music video for Our God and our King.

Warning: Centered of self Word Faith jargon ahead. Click on the name of Music Pastor (MP) LaRue Steward (aka LaRue Howard) and she will give you the lowdown of her ministry with Pastor Clint as well as share the vision God gave her for her own career…er, sorry – “ministry.”

Here’s a clip of MP LaRue leading the band in some mighty fine God-glorifying solos in You Are Good. Then should you want to see a short clip of MP LaRue and Pastor Clint performing together you can go here.

And now I will leave you with this link to the FaithWorld Center Live WorldCast and you can catch the show for yourself.