Jason Carlson is the Vice President of Christian Ministries International and along with his dad Dr. Ron Carlson trains and equips the local church to deal with the challenges of the cults, world religions, and Christian apologetic issues.

In his article about how he came to be involved in the Emergent Church, the new cult of liberal theology, called My Journey Into and Out of the Emergent Church Jason Carlson writes:

the purpose of this article is simply to offer my humble perspective on the emergent church movement, based upon my unique firsthand interactions with many of its leaders, many of whom I count as friends in-spite of my disagreements with them.

My initial entrance into the emergent church conversation came about six years ago while I was a student in seminary. One of the key figures in Emergent, the official title of the organization that is the primary voice for the emergent church movement, Doug Pagitt (Pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis), is a close friend of mine.

You can read the rest of Carlson’s My Journey Into and Out of the Emergent Church right here.