Jason Carlson is the Vice President of Christian Ministries International and along with his dad Dr. Ron Carlson trains and equips the local church to deal with the challenges of the cults, world religions, and Christian apologetic issues.

In his article called My Journey Into and Out of the Emergent Church Carlson talks about how he came to be involved in the new cult of liberal theology which is the Emergent Church.

Now he uses the gelatinous words of Emergent Guru Brian McLaren to help us better understand some of the issues he raised in that prior piece. Jason Carlson writes:

In my last column,My Journey Into and Out of the Emergent Church, I described my personal, firsthand interactions with the Emergent organization and many of its leaders. In that column I described a number of erroneous positions and practices being embraced by the Emergent “conversation” that eventually forced me to disengage myself from any further participation with Emergent. Since posting that article, I have received numerous requests, via this website’s feedback feature and also by personal e-mail, for me to elaborate on some of the points I made in my testimonial.

You can read the rest of Carlson’s Emergent Church Leader Brian McLaren’s “Serious” Take On Sin right here.