I’m very pleased to tell you that Gary Ledbetter, editor of the Southern Baptist Texan has graciously replied to a letter I had written him earlier today. For those who haven’t seen it they may read that letter here. He was kind enough to explain the response of the Texan concerning the C3 2007 conference at Fellowship Church (SBC) where Ed Young, Jr. is pastor.

Here is Brother Ledbetter’s kind response which I present with his permission and without further comment on my part:

We have been aware of TD Jakes’ participation since last year’s conference and had some questions about it then as we do now. We examined the Potter’s House website and interviews TD Jakes has given on the subject of his views of the Trinity. We spoke with Ed Young and asked him about it and he told us the conference was about leadership and not about theology. Here’s my response to that:

1. I wouldn’t have invited TD Jakes if I was in Ed Young’s place. It lifts up a man whose theology is unbiblical in at least one place.

2. Fellowship Church is an autonomous body and free to do what they think best.

3. Since Ed Young’s theology is not at question here, and neither is the church’s, Fellowship Church is in no way violating their covenant with SBTC.

4. Our paper will likely note TD Jake’s appearance on the program as well as the question regarding the way he expresses his belief about the persons of God.

That’s it, brother. This is not politics and I’ve not been pressured by anyone to respond in any particular way to this matter. This is the best way I know to conduct the ministry God has given me among 1,800 diverse conservative churches in Texas.

Others have written and want me to blast churches with contemporary music, churches that are Calvinist, churches that are not Calvinist enough, churches that call themselves “purpose driven,:” churches that are too traditionalist, churches that teach the continuation of some spiritual gifts, churches that teach the cessation of certain spiritual gifts, and really many more.

All of these viewpoints operate within our broad statement of faith and are arguably compatible with biblical inerrency. I’ve got an opinion on each one and express my opinion as I feel led to do so. What I will not do is go to war with a church that is operating within our statement of faith in the conduct of their ministry. In my role it would be self indulgent to do so.

Your ministry is different than mine and free to have a narrower focus and harder edge. I don’t mind that. I do ask that you understand that not everyone who does not express his convictions as vociferously as you is your adversary.

If you’d like to write a letter to the editor (no more than 250 words), I’ll receive it gladly. You can send it to this address. Please include a phone number so we can personally verify your intention to be published.

That’s the best I can offer you at this point.

Best wishes,
Gary Ledbetter