A very disturbing trend of sacramentalism is now developing within the Word Faith movement. As more indication of a false sense of unity developing within the evangelical community at the expense of Biblical doctrine we see a distortion of the Lord’s Supper and a returning to view of the Eucharist held by the apostate Church of Rome.

One will see it within the ministries of TBN staples Paula White and Perry Stone. And now here also in the teachings of Gregory Dickow as is pointed out in the following below:

By Brian Thornton

I just saw on TV a ‘religious’ program that is marketing something that is perhaps the most egregious and pathetic and deplorable thing I have ever seen pushed by the health-and-wealth, name-it-and-claim-it quacks on television…The Holy Communion Package: Releasing God’s Favor.

I watched this heretic – Gregory Dickow – as he led his viewers in taking ‘communion’ through the television set; as he talked about health and wealth through the taking of this ‘communion’; and how he never mentioned even once the true meaning of the Lord’s Supper and what it represents: the bread being Christ’s body broken and given for us, and the cup signifying the New Covenant in His blood. The atoning work of the cross was never even so much as hinted at, only a bunch of junk about eating the annointing…receiving the annointing…and being healthier and wealthier by taking this ‘communion’…not to mention the fact that this guy is encouraging people to take what they think is true communion apart from the rest of the body of Christ. An UN-corporate Lord’s Supper!

Here is what you too can receive if you order the Holy Communion Package:

• A 30-day supply of communion elements to help you establish the habit of receiving communion as a part of your daily lifestyle.

• The Power of Communion: Receiving the Favor of God message on audio CD or cassette tape.

• A Communion prayer card. Many people have called or written wanting the words of the prayer I use when I lead people to receive communion on our television show.

• The DVD of our TV show titled “The Power of Holy Communion” where I teach you one-on one, the meaning and power of communion.

Here is one of the statements from Dickow regarding this special promotion:

Take the first step toward unleashing the power of God’s favor in your life today by learning the power of communion. I encourage you to take communion today over a situation where you don’t feel God has turned to your favor. Then that situation will change because God has a blood-bought oath to show you His favor through His precious body and through His precious blood. I want you to expect it today!

There are also testimonials on the website which recount stories of healings, financial gain, and job promotions after taking this communion. I will not provide the web address or links to this horrible heretic here because I do not want to risk contributing to his abominations. If you want the link, email me and I will consider it.

This is the kind of thing that makes me cry even louder, “COME, LORD JESUS!”.

Republished with permission of the author. The original appears here at Voice of the Sheep.