The more I dig into the work of “Creative Pastor” Ed Young, Jr. here at Apprising Ministries the further off the rails he gets. In Ed Young, Jr. Has Already Shared His Pulpit With Oneness Pentecostal Dr. T.D. Jakes At C3 2006 I showed you he turned his pulpit at Fellowship Church over to Oneness Pentecostal heretic Dr. T.D. Jakes, Church Growth Guru Bill Hybels and Emergent Church futurist and cultural architect Erwin McManus.

Well now it turns out that Young, Jr. has been exposing Southern Baptists to the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church from his own pulpit since at least 2005. Brian Bailey tells us that he has (at least in 2005-2006) “the privilege of working at Fellowship Church.” One of his duties was posting for the Creative Pastors blog. In an entry dated December 08, 2004 at his own Leave It Behind blog Bailey tells us:

Each January, Fellowship Church and Ed Young host the Creative Church Conference. Thousands of pastors and church leaders from across the country come to Dallas/Ft. Worth to share ideas on how to model our creative God in everything we do. (Online source)

This now establishes for us that in addition to wherever else they might be hold these C3 events they also happen at Ed Young Jr.’s Fellowship Church (SBC). And then later in a blog entry for Jaunuary 22, 2005 Bailey says:

This year’s Creative Church Conference at Fellowship Church has come and gone. C3 is easily one of the highlights of the year for everyone on staff and this year was no exception… The general sessions with Ed Young, Andy Stanley, and Rob Bell were fantastic. (Online source, emphasis mine)

We leave aside Andy Stanley for now but regular readers of AM will recognize the Elvis of the Emergent Church Rob Bell. So now we want to establish that Bell did indeed preach at the SBC affiliated Fellowship Church itself. Bill Kinnon tells us on April 05, 2005 that:

I recently watched a series of DVD’s from Ed Young’s Creative Pastors’ C3 conference. Rob Bell is an exceptional speaker – a brilliant mind with wonderful delivery. Ed Young does a great interview with Rob at the end of the message. Rob is the teaching pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, MI. (Online source, emphasis mine)

And then Chris McGregor of Dallas Texas informs readers, “I am privileged to be an employee of Fellowship Church” (at least in 2005) and then says:

why did i choose to read rob bell’s book “velvet elvis?” (published by zondervan, 2005) i first heard of rob when he came to our church for our annual creative church conference called the “c3 conference.” after his 60-minute talk, i was definitely intrigued. (Cached online source, emphasis mine)

Nice going Ed, let’s bring in a communicator like Rob Bell from the Emergent Church, which is the new cult of liberal theology, and be responsible for letting him twist young minds under the spell of Bell right from your own SBC pulpit. And then consider this from Creative Church Conference 2005 (C3 2005). His Creative Pastors website tells us:

The formula for creative leadership is really simple: Ask the right people the right questions at the right time. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But in reality, most leaders spend too much time talking and not enough time asking questions and listening to answers. The 2005 Creative Church Conference focuses on the fundamental leadership principle of asking questions to help us grow a healthy and biblically functioning local church.

Look carefully at Session 5 “Jesus the Rabbi” where you’ll see the session which is hosted by “Mr. Questions” himself Rob Bell. So do you still think Bell poses no real threat within your SBC churches? And now you should also be able to see that the Emergent Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention had already begun quite some time ago.