Apprising Ministries reports that Ed Young, Jr. , senior pastor of Fellowship Church (SBC), Grapevine, TX has already had Oneness Pentecostal Dr. T.D. Jakes preach at his local church for last year’s Creative Church Conference 2006.

Under the Who We Are section of the Creative Pastors blog we’re told that “CreativePastors is where you’ll find Ed Young resources. Ed is the founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church.”

Now here’s an interesting entry from January of 2006 by Brian Bailey of the Creative Pastors team:

T.D Jakes closed the 2006 C3 Conference with an unforgettable message: 10 Commandments of Christian Leadership. When he finished, Ed joined him on stage and called it the single best talk on church leadership he had ever heard. The talk was captivating and moving from beginning to end. I don’t think anyone who was there will ever forget it. Thankfully, the conference sessions will be available on DVD in a month because there’s no way words could do this session or the conference justice. (Online source, emphasis mine)

That’s right, Ed Young, Jr. was “on stage” with Word Faith purveyor T.D. Jakes, a Oneness Pentecostal who denies the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and praising what he called “the single best talk on church leadership he had ever heard.” Well, perhaps now we have a little bit better idea concerning why SBC president Dr. Frank Page might be less than interested in the news that Dr. T.D. Jakes is to share the pulpit of Ed Young, Jr. at Fellowship Church (SBC), Grapevine, TX this February 22 and 23 because it’s old news.

Here we see that last year Oneness Pentecostal and Word Faith heretic Dr. Jakes has already preached in Young, Jr.’s SBC church. In fact under Conference Resources I found that we can, “Re-live your favorite conference moments, share new concepts with your team or experience these powerful talks for the first time. With our General Session DVDs, CDs, or MP3s, you can enjoy on-demand leadership training from Ed Young and other remarkable leaders in the local church.”

And then in the C3 2006 “Box Set” we’re told we can, “Listen to Ed Young,” Willow Creek Church Growth Guru Bill Hybels, Bishop T.D. Jakes, who denies the doctrine of Who God actually is and Emergent Church cultural architect and distinguished lecturing futurist Erwin McManus “share insight into what the church can become because of who God is.” Huh? Dr. Jakes doesn’t believe in God and now we’re supposed to let someone who doesn’t even know Who God is teach us about his Church? Do we seriously think Christ is just winking at this?

Yet the Creative Pastors website informs us that:

Change is a necessary catalyst for our growth, maturity and development. Although we experience changes almost daily, there is something that never changes. From eternity to eternity, God remains a constant. Simply put: God is. But the same cannot and should not be said of the church. The methodology must change in order to meet the changing contour of the world around it.

In short: Church evolves. As leaders of the church, we must be willing to facilitate that evolution. Through this series of talks, we can learn to do church in ways we never thought possible and discover together what the church can become because of who God is. Ed Young – Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church, with special guests: Bill Hybels Bishop T.D. Jakes Erwin McManus

Finally here under Sessions 5 & 6 – Ten Commandments of Christian Leadership Bishop T.D. Jakes we read:

In this powerful and profound talk, Bishop T.D. Jakes covers his Ten Commandments of Christian Leadership. 1. Thou shalt make 4 E’s (Education, Experience, Exposure, and Effective) 2. Thou shalt not go without your staff 3. Thou shalt not despise obscurity 4. Thou shalt reproduce after your own kind 5. Thou shalt not esteem principles over people 6. Thou shalt make ministry out of your misery 7. Thou shalt walk amongst the people 8. Thou shalt walk before the people 9. Thou shalt walk above the people 10. Thou shalt not become bitter

NOTE: What has since come to light is that apparently Ed Young. Jr. also turned his pulpit over again to T.D. Jakes during a regular Sunday service at Fellowship Church. It seems that all of the attendees that day at this SBC church ended up hearing what Jakes preached at this C3 2006 Conference mentioned above because his message was broadcast via video as the message for that service.

So now for the second year in a row Southern Baptists, such as former two time president of the Southern Baptist Convention Dr. Ed Young and even current SBC president Dr. Frank Page, are saying a-ok to Dr. T.D. Jakes. By sharing a platform with this Oneness Pentecostal who denies the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and by saying nothing to this mainstay in the Cult of the Word Faith movement both Dr. Ed Young and Dr. Frank Page cause others to stumble as they encourage this heresy within the Body of Christ.

May God has mercy on His slumbering Church…