Men and women there will be more forthcoming on this but I’ve been asked some questions regarding my article Southern Baptist Convention Embraces Gnostic Mysticism. One of the questions was aren’t you being disingenuous by implying that the whole of the SBC endorses mysticism when in the article it was just the one DOM Kent Shirley of the Grand Valley Baptist Association in Colorado?

First of all, I use the word “embraces” as in the sense of “involves” and “includes” and not full-fledged acceptance of. And those who read the article to the end will notice I quoted SBC president Dr. Frank Page as saying:

I see many valuable contributions to the SBC coming from the Emergent Leaders Movement. I believe it is a positive thing to see a broader number of participants in our convention’s direction. I personally applaud this movement.

As read below you’ll see why I did so. I also showed at the very end of the article that the book Red Moon Rising by Peter Greig and Dave Roberts is carried by Lifeway Christian Stores, “A division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention (LCR).”

I personally spoke on the phone today with a representative of LCR and asked if LCR was a part of the SBC. I was told that LCR was the new name for what was once called the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Well, below is a partial listing of books offered by Lifeway from Emergent Church leaders like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell, as well as alleged “Spiritual Directors” like Richard Foster, who is a Quaker and the late Roman Catholic priest Henri Nouwen.

UPDATE: Although when I originally wrote this article there were titles available by Thomas Keating, also a Roman Catholic priest, I am glad to say that in a personal email (11/09/06) to me Jim Shull of Lifeway Christian Stores told me books by Keating are no longer available “through our website.”

Just the same these men are promoters of so-called “Christian” mysticism, also known as Contemplative Spirituality, which is itself Gnostic mysticism that would later flower into supposed “Spiritual Disciplines” in the monastic traditions of the apostate Church of Rome and most particularly so-called Contemplative or Centering Prayer, which is nothing more than a form of transcendental meditation of the Christian.

So as I said, the Southern Baptist Convention embraces, as in involves and includes, Gnostic mysticism. As a matter of fact Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, “today considered a vital growing force in Southern Baptist missionary and ministry efforts,” has a course “P1115 Spiritual Formation” taught by Dr. Faith Kim .

As one of her primary textbooks Dr. Kim uses Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. And now below are some of the books and materials I personally found at Lifeway Christian Store’s website just today.

First of all, in the entry for Richard Foster we originally saw Meditative Prayer. But as of 12/23/06 there is a message now that says, “Sorry, information is not available for this product. (Product Number: 0830865977).” So apparently it still may be available but I was not able to find it listed on the website as I did the day I wrote this piece.

However the following item is still available Meditative Prayer: Entering God’s Presence: A Spiritual Formation Study Guide by Richard Peace which are essentially the same heretical teachings as those by Foster. In the description we are told that:

Spiritual disciplines are simple ways to open ourselves to God. They help us become aware of the many ways God speaks to us and gives us ways to respond to Him. This series explores and explains how use of the disciplines can deepen both our walk with God and our community with other believers.

And as far as Richard Foster himself is concerned the video version of Celebration of Discipline is also still available.

Here is Amazon’s description as to what this Celebration of Discipline 2 tape video series “with study guide” is about.

At Lifeway you’ll also find When the Soul Listens: Finding Rest and Direction in Contemplative Prayer by Jan Johnson w/ Introduction by Dallas Willard who works with the Quaker Richard Foster to promote antibiblical Spiritual Formation “disciplines” such as so-called “Christian” meditation.

Here’s Velvet Elvis: Repainting The Christian Faith (VE) hardcover by Rob Bell.

VE on CD Rom. And his Nooma videos such as Bullhorn.

Books by Brian McLaren such as The Secret Message of Jesus.

Books by Emergent-US National Coordinator Tony Jones that teach apostate Roman Catholic mysticism such as The Sacred Way.

Books by Emergent Pastor Doug Pagitt such as Body Prayer: The Posture of Intimacy with God.

As I stated earlier there were books by apostate Roman Catholic spiritist and Living Spiritual Teacher “Father” Thomas Keating such as Open Mind, Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel. By clicking on where the link was we are told: “Sorry, product information is not available for this product. (ISBN 0826414206).”

Books by Henri Nouwen such as In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership.

Books by the late Spiritual Master M. Basil Pennington, a Roman catholic monk who was a personal friend of Thomas Merton, such as True Self/False Self: Unmasking the Spirit Within.

Or how about this gem: Becoming Christ: Transformation Through Contemplation by Brian C. Taylor.

“Taylor offers a fresh look at contemplative prayer as the pathway to genuine healing and spiritual transformation. Taylor gives practical, how-to advice for those with a serious interest in contemplative prayer, and also explores its roots in the faith and traditions of the church.”

These are simply words from the Ecumenical Church of Deceit which speak for Rome and other apostate forms of “Christianity.” For more information on the grave spiritual dangers posed by the Emergent Church and Contemplative Spirituality I suggest you take a little time and examine the materials I have linked within this piece for yourself.