On the August 30, 2006 edition of Behind the Scenes Paul Crouch, Sr., and Paul Crouch, Jr., have as their guest Dr. Jeremiah Cummings. Cummings is a “former” member of The Nation of Islam who is now allegedly a “minister” of the Gospel. After watching this program there’s little doubt that Trinity Broadcasting Network is in the process of repainting the world religion of Islam.

Not surprisingly programs deemed “critical” of Islam have been axed as TBN reimagines an Islam that is compatible with their version of Christianity which is also becoming increasingly modalistic. Cummings, who was also with the singing group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, says that after a forty-three day fast God filled him with the Holy Spirit and then he:

went back into the Quran and saw Jesus as the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God, the Virgin Birth – in this book Reaching For The World I put all th…I documented everything in it.

Paul Crouch, Sr: “Here it is [speaking of the book] and to our Moslim brothers and sisters, show me please where is Jesus shown as the Messiah in the Quran?”

Cummings: “Well, we went to Surah 3:44, and it says, um, it says, um, the angel Gabriel came to Mary and said that God gives you a word from Himself; of one who is the Messiah, Jesus.”

Later on in the program Paul Crouch, Jr. asks Cummings, “Now do you have to turn your back on Muhammad when you become a Christian?”

Cummings: “No, because Muhammad had a purpose. In Surah 39, verse 17, you must understand that the Muslim world before they had the Quran and before Muhammad came they worshipped three hundred and sixty-five idol gods. And Muhammad came and said (speaking Arabic) – ‘There is only one God.’ So he brought reformation to a nation that was in idolatry.”

“The nation of Israel had the same problem with idolatry, and so prophets were sent to them. And so here Muhammad said in Surah 39 and verse 17, he said, they who avoid the worship of idols and turn to God, he said to them is good news. So now when he talked about, um, ah, infidels and hypocrites he was dealing with his own people because there were those who still wanted to worship their idols. But, but, but um, but he came as a reformer to a nation that needed reformation. Jesus comes as the redeemer.”

Paul Crouch, Jr.: “Yeah, yeah.”

Cummings: “See, Muhammad was not the redeemer he was a reformer (Crouch, Jr. repeating this with him) But now there’s another step and this is why Jesus tells us to go into all the world and teach all nations.”

Paul Crouch, Jr: “Yeah, yeah.”

Paul Crouch, Sr.: “Ok, now another stumbling block though when we have when we deal with Muslims is they say, yeah but you guys worship three gods. You know Father, Son, and how do we get, how do we get across that.

Cummings: “I have with me a glass of water. This water can be manifested in three forms. It can be liquid, it can be solid, or it can be steam. But it’s still water. God manifestes (sic) Himself in three forms: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but He’s still one god.”

Paul Crouch, Sr. laughs and then says: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.”

So here you can see the seeds of the new evangelical inclusivism where we have a denial of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity in order to set up a modalistic definition that even Oneness Pentecostal “Bishop” T.D. Jakes can agree with. This in turn enables the beginning of the repainting of Islam as simply a branch of Judaism and Christianity that also worships the God of the Bible.