Today marks the one year anniversary of my first appearance with Ingrid on her Crosstalk program where we initially got to know each other. For those who may never have heard this program I post the link for this “Crosstalk [which] details how the current apostasy involving prosperity based and purpose driven philosophies, proves that Jesus is drawing out a remnant of believers for himself.”

Thank you so much to Ingrid Schlueter, the VCY America family and to the all of my readers who have done so much in the Lord for Apprising Ministries which is an outreach of “CRBC Company,” my little church platoon of soldiers for Christ.

Things are still quite bit difficult right now as the health of Donna’s mother is really failing due to her osteoporosis. Being away much of the summer caring for the needs of her mom has kept Donna from being able to work and help support this ministry with me. If you have ever felt led to offer a financial gift to this important work in Christ we would ask that you might consider doing so at this critical time.

You can find out how to do so right HERE. And you can listen to this Crosstalk program by going HERE.

By the way this is the post as it ran on Slice of Laodicea in order that we might share with you here at AM the nice comments which appeared at Slice as well.