“The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.” (Luke 6:45, NASB)

This is an effort to give people some further idea of the fruit being produced through the teachings of leaders within the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church. Here I will present these unsolicited “testimonies” concerning my writings from those who are following this Emergent rebellion against the authority of the Word of God and Reformed theology.

Since I am writing in a public arena, I certainly have no problem with my work in Christ being open to public scrutiny. As a matter of fact, right in line with Acts 17:11, I encourage people to check out what I teach. Some of these notes of Emergent love have been sent to me here at Apprising Ministries, while others have come as comments directed toward me personally at Slice of Laodicea:

This arresting aria of angst from the Lady Christine was composed as a comment to in response to Rob Bell: Doubting God’s Word at Slice:

“Pastor” Silva: You are a turnoff to Christianity and should be ashamed as a leader of how you attempt to represent Christ with your words. Watch Bell’s “Bullhorn” …your comments remind me of the film’s subject.

Some of what you say may have substance, but your delivery is such that if I were not a Christian, you would make me run the other way. I think YOU, pastor, need to ask forgiveness.


The following convoluted canticle of correction was neatly presented by Scott, who unfortunately neglected to sign it. He chose to call this masterpiece of vacuous vitriol “wow.” It was penned in the wake of his perusing Rob Bell: A Very Poor Christian “Communicator” :

Happened to stumble across this apprising ministries. Wow. Are you kidding me.? I can tell you right now. God is more displeased with your articles than what is happening a Mars Hill Bible Church. You have nothing better to do than to tear down this guy. You want to talk about being Christlike than you should probably go back and read some passages of scripture. You should also know exactly what your talking about before you broadcast it on your web page. Here is a quote from your page that proves you don’t have your facts straight or a clue about the context of what is being said. You wrote:

“Well, there’s good reason why Rob Bell’s not more cross-centered Patrick,
because in his own warped and toxic view of the atonement Christ redeemed the universe
on the Cross and allegedly everything in it. As such there would be no need for
repentance and even being born again because Bell believes that everyone is already

You will be held accountable before God for speaking falsely against any person let alone Rob Bell. First of all you are so far off, “no need for repentance and even being born again?” What? Have you been to one of his church services when he has had what you would call an “alter call” asking men and women to come down and kneel before God, repent, turn from sin. Asking them to pray and meet with God. That he would come into their life and being, and change them. Oh, Okay, you haven’t, well then let’s just throw out that comment you made because it’s wrong. When you make quotes like this, that are so far off, you lose credibility. Reading your articles is like reading the National Inquirer or Star. It is propaganda. And most importantly, it’s just false. We all need to examine what is said and test it to God’s Word, but we should at the very least have an idea of what the person has actually said and what they actually teach. You have made it clear that you don’t know Rob Bell, or what he is trying to teach. We won’t even start on you tearing into Billy Graham.
I would suggest to you that you once again read I Cor. 13 and find out how we should speak and write about our fellow Christian brothers whether you agree with them or not.

Now Chris S. weighs in with this stirring sonnet to Slice he calls, “You have really blocked me?”:

Is that the answer? You and I don’t agree and so I can’t comment? Does that make you feel better? Like my opinion doesn’t exist?

If your goal is to help me understand your viewpoint, how does this reach that goal?

Is this what you have aspired your whole life to be?

Like I said, you fulfill matthew 23:15 over and over and over. You have worked so hard to develop a website and write articles that do not make people Christ’s followers. You have only helped them to delusionally believe that they have now received God’s Gosepl when all they have is your Gospel.

Why let anyone who disagrees comment? Why not just make up assinine comments and post those?

…be sure to keep checking here…there will be more to come…