We think it’s important that you know, unfortunately, I’ve been having some rough days again health-wise. My hospital/doctor debt is just north of $150,000 and that’s weighing very heavily upon us.

This has affected my sleep and I’m not getting rest, which is serving to wear me down. This then causes my eyes to be even more difficult to focus; and it’s also hard to focus on writing.

In addition, both eyes have a partial vitreous detachment (PVD). With this comes an increase in what is known as floaters. Briefly, virtually everyone has some of these spots in their vision.

With my PVD the floaters are more serious than usual appearing as cloudy gel-like gobs that float through my line of sight and then serve to further blur my vision. The doctor believes they should clear in time.

As silly as it may sound, it almost makes me think I’m in a mini-Job kind of thing. It seems as if God is allowing Satan to keep afflicting me as now my Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is worse.

CMT causes ankles to lose strength, which leads to foot deformity and pain. My ankles have weakened more. The bottom line is: Nearly two years of health issues have strained my nerves and I get anxiety at times now.

This is why I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write until the Lord starts restoring me. I’m frequently praying through James 4:6-8a and the Lord’s Prayer. Yet at times it all gets very bad for me right now.

During those times it almost gets unbearable with anxiety bordering on full-on panic attacks. So far, it does seem the Lord does just enough to help us keep trusting Him; however, you should know I’m growing weary.

Our plan is for me to still try and battle through all of this because it truly does seem like, at its root, it’s a spiritual thing. Unfortunately though, I’m certainly not Job. We really need much prayer support to weather this.

As always we are very grateful for those of you who have been praying for, and financially supporting, AM these past nine years. That said, I must tell you that we are currently in the worst financial slump we’ve yet faced.

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