By Discernment Research Group


COSMANGELICAL  koz man jel-i-kuh l

[Cosmos 1150–1200; Middle English  < Greek kósmos  order, form, arrangement, the world or universe + L. evangelicus < Greek euangelists]

  1. An evangelical who is marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for the universe and the cosmos, including planets, stars, and any deities and entities that they believe live in hyperdimensional realms in the cosmos and interact with earthling humans.
  2. An evangelical person with a zealous and passionate belief in the cosmic order of quantum physics enlightening biblical spirituality with added on mythological and mystical accounts, science fiction and folklore; see Mystica Scriptura.
  3. An evangelical who comes to believe that reality and truth are distorted in the quantum cosmos, and that all is really one and we are all really divine, and that purported space aliens, mythological entities and deities or quasi-deities are ultimately our “space brothers.”
  4. One possessing an emerging eschatological worldview that the universe is evolving to a cosmic whole, and that all is being harmonized and synchronized into an attractional utopic oneness, but that first there must take place unprecedented apocalyptic scenarios on earth due to an anticipated coming invasion of space entities, aliens, deities and quasi-deities, including possibly arriving in their UFO crafts or spaceships – all of which may entail spiritual and/or physical warfare.
  5. One holding the eschatological belief that there is a coming moment when the old fabric of human history in this universe will rupture and a new world/universe order of peace and blissful harmony will be ushered in., but that first a terrible corruption of human DNA on earth via insemination by space aliens, mythological creatures and deity types must be exposed and cleansed from the planet.
  6. One holding an evolving eschatological belief that cosmic forces, entities, deities, quasi-deities, alien creatures, celestial orbs, stars and suns, planets, extraterrestrial beings, and mythological creatures in the universe will go through a quantum karmic cataclysm in which the end result will be a nirvana type paradise.
  7. An evangelical who believes that Scripture is insufficient, and that endtime events can only be fully ascertained by delving into ancient and modern mythological, apocryphal, secret codes, science fiction, Hollywood films and folklore accounts – especially of contacts with entities and deities that exist in transdimensional realms in the cosmos – and that therefore the return of Jesus Christ is anti-climatic, and inadequate to deal with the anticipated quantum cosmic war.

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