Christian Research Network is a sister outreach of Apprising Ministries. The following comes from CRN contributor Justin Edwards of airo:

Mark Cahill is well known in the Christian evangelism community. He has authored three books and provides many resources at his website to encourage Christians to be bold in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, since 2010, Cahill has condemned Christians who identify themselves as Calvinists, as CRN General Editor Ken Silva noted in his article, “The ‘Different God’ of Calvinists and Mark Cahill Announcement.”

In a public statement in 2010, Cahill stated,

If you believe in the god (sic) and jesus (sic) of Calvinism, you are either in Galatians 1 territory, or you are heading straight toward it.SOURCE

In October 2012, Tony Miano published an article on his Cross Encounters blog titled, “Why I fear for Mark Cahill’s Soul.” The article also was published on the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM) website, but later was removed for revision.

The article now has been republished to include a short biography about Mark Cahill and is more comprehensive as to the concerns about the Christian evangelist.

In addition to his books, the About section at his website shows us that Mark Cahill speaks to a wide audience:

Mark speaks to thousands each year at churches, retreats, conferences, camps, etc., equipping and challenging the saved to go out and reach the lost. (source)

Sadly, instead of leaving it at that Cahill made the ill-fated decision to also attack his Calvinist brothers in Christ. I am not a Calvinist and have many dear readers who are Arminians; so, I’m not promoting one at the expense of the other. Remember, Calvinist George Whitefield and Arminian John Wesley were close friends.

You can see that both men were prominently featured in the First Great Awakening, the only real revival this nation has seen. Miano’s CARM posted referenced above by Justin Edwards informs us:

On October 10, 2010, Mark Cahill published an article, via the Save the Perishing website, titled Calvinism and the Bible. The article is still featured prominently on the website’s homepage two years after the article’s release. On page 8 of the article, Cahill writes:

“I got an unsolicited call one day from Tony Miano with Living Waters. He was trying to convince me of Calvinism. Let’s just say it did not work! During a moment of candor, he said, “Mark, what you believe and what I believe are mutually exclusive.” What an amazing statement. What I believe and what he believes both can’t be true at the same point. He is very correct. Now what we believe can both be wrong, but they can’t both be true. (source)

I’ll leave Miano to argue the nuances of the conversation he had with Cahill in order to focus on Cahill’s anti-Calvinist stance itself. In my 2010 post cited above I pointed you to a statement that my friend pastor Randall Easter made me aware of by John Speed, a member of his congregation.

Speed informs us Cahill “asserts that Calvinists ‘worship another god’ and ‘another jesus’,” no doubt a serious charge. Then further:

Mark has been covertly questioning ministries that he once had close ties with regarding Reformed theology and if they either have “Calvinists” on staff or hold to these doctrines, he has been breaking fellowship with them. (source)

In Speed’s statement he shares from an email he’d received from Cahill after asking him to clarify as to whether he’d been quoted accurately. Cahill told Speed:

Thanks Jon… If you believe that God has in eternity past unconditionally elected certain people to go to heaven and unconditionally rejected certain people to go to hell; if you believe that Jesus died only for the sins of the elect and not the sins of the world; if you believe that man cannot choose this day whom he will serve; then yes, you and anyone else is believing in a different god and a different jesus [emphasis ours]. You are entering into Galatians 1 territory. (source)

Finally, Tony Miano now demonstrates in his CARM piece that this is still Mark Cahill’s position:

On Sunday, October 28, 2012, Mark Cahill spoke three times at Berean Bible Church (New York) 8 . During his third message 9 , Cahill attacked Calvinism by making the following comments:

32:05 – “Be Very Careful of a false teaching that says God Pre-Selects who goes to Heaven and Who Goes to Hell. That is absolutely unbiblical.”

33:00 — after Quoting Romans 1:20, “If God Preselects who Goes to Heaven and who Goes to Hell, they would Have an Excuse” (when they stand Before Him).

With at least two of Mark’s more recent public appearances, he appears to be establishing a pattern of behavior in which he is now making public his disdain for Calvinism. (source)

You can read Miano’s post in its entirety right here.

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