The culture does not annul the Law of God; God’s Law stands whether the culture stands or not. What you are getting from the Cult of Liberalism is what is known as moral relativism.

Do you understand that; moral relativism, which means you get away with whatever you think in your heart you can get away with…in effect, the end justifies the means…

And you’re right back to the Jesuits; the end justifies the means. No, it doesn’t. [There were] an awful lot of dead bodies in the Inquisition because they thought the end justifies the means—Jews and Christians…

[The Cult of Liberalism] is theologically corrupt because it is Bibliologically corrupt. It denies the authority of Scripture; it ruins its own theology.

And it ends in immorality because the only way you could have gotten to this homosexual, morally relativistic garbage—which is today in our denominational structures—is if the leadership of those denominations denied the authority of  the Scriptures and Jesus Christ as Lord.

That is the only way you got there. And there is a remedy for this my brothers and sisters. The remedy is to start asking questions. Start demanding definitions of terminology. Start insisting thst people tell you what they’re giving to before you give them a dime.

Examine the people that occupy the chairs of theology in the seminaries, and if they are not given to the historic Christian faith—out with the rascals. Examine you churches, your sessions, your Baptist boards—and everything else—and find out who is in the Faith. ((The Cult of Liberalism, available Walter Martin Religious InfoNet))

Walter Martin

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